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ok this is serious though:

I’m looking for individuals to help me out with a project I’m currently working on. I’m looking for people of color who would be interested in learning a prayer I’ve written (via twisting around The Serenity Prayerabout asking for the strength to not only stop thirsting over white men (romantically), but also for the strength to stop praising their mediocrity and rewarding their trife behavior. It’s not a long prayer, but you would need to actually learn it and be able to recite it as a prayer would be recited. If you’re interested in being a part of this work, please respond to this or message me so that I can send you the text! Thank you! (aso this can definitely be a “thru the internet” type deal so don’t worry abt location)

HI IS ANYONE ELSE WILLING TO HELP ME WITH THIS PROJECT? You’ll just need to memorize (mostly) this prayer I wrote and then send me a video recording of you reciting it omg plsssssssss I want more people to be a part of this. REPLY OR MESSAGE ME W/ UR EMAIL ADDRESS IF UR DOWN!!!

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lord, pls send fine niggas into my life who aren’t annoying or dumb and also who don’t talk a lot.

just send fine niggas who want to fawn over me and dick me down and go out to eat with me that s all

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I want a cute pastel or black bicycle with a basket in the front :’l

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aw man i like rihanna’s little booty not every black girl gotta have a donkey butt shoutouts to the slim thick shordies with the cupcakes in the back i’m checkin for u

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